The Malty Gamer Returns In 2019!

It’s been quite a long time since I have written a new entry here at the Malty Gamer, and that’s a shame. I have had a lot of great ideas for this website, and for all my fans and followers, there is good news…… The Malty Gamer will return in a big way in 2019! Let’s take a look……

Comic Book Collector’s Guides!

Roads? Where We Are Going, We Don’t Need Roads.

It should come as absolutely no surprise that after months of no new posts, this website still attracts a steady flow of traffic. That is all due in part to the Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide! This guide has proved to be extremely popular with the fans and collector’s of this great series from IDW Publishing, and while the series has sadly ended, there are a few small updates coming to this guide. But that’s not all……


A new guide will be added to this website for the next comic book I am currently collecting from IDW Publishing, and that’s the blue man himself…… Sonic The Hedgehog! By the time the new guide goes live, the series will be about 12 or 13 issues into it’s run. You can also expect the same awesomeness as the BTTF guide (all covers, release dates, artist/writer info, story summaries, etc.). Look for the new guide to go live sometime in January 2019!

Site Changes

Some things work, and some things don’t. The layout of the website is fine for me, and feels easy enough to navigate. However, there is some content that needs to either be removed, tweaked, or added. This mostly concerns the content items you see on the left and right sides of the website (or at the bottom if you are on mobile).

I would like to also eventually come up with a new logo and header for The Malty Gamer.

These are all changes you will start to see happening over the first few months of 2019!


Do You Even Tube Bro?

I have been asked many times if I have a YouTube channel, and the answer is yes I do! Sadly, there is ZERO content on there as of right now, but that could very well change in 2019!

For anyone that knows me personally (and especially remembers MvM), knows that video creation and editing is a weird and satisfying hobby that I really enjoy! However it’s been years, so I may just shake the rust off, and sharpen my skills back up. Mind you, this would only be something I do for fun, and am not planning or trying to monetize and make money (though I wouldn’t complain lol). I have a lot of ideas for videos, mostly gaming related. In fact one of my video ideas, is related to the next big part of 2019……

Game Collecting!

Small Part Of My Old Collection…… 😦

I used to be a huge video game collector. Then sadly a few years back, I had to sell it all. For the basic reason of survival at the time. But now times have changed! While the world of retro game collecting has changed, and become more popular and difficult, I am going to jump back into the game! I may or may not be able to find some of the things I used to own, but I will rebuild a new collection non the less!

It’s a hobby I LOVE, and have a huge passion for. I plan to also combine collecting with YouTube and hopefully create some neat content. A more social integration. This will of course also include very heavily Facebook, Instagram and of course this website! 🙂

This new add to the website will start trickling in sooner than you think, so be ready to see The Malty Gamer’s 2019 Game Collection Rebuild!

Game Goals

Ooooooh Shiny!

As of now, I am quite possibly reaching massive trophy hunting burnout. While that is a blog post for the end of this month (or start of 2019), trophy hunting is what has kept me away from this website for so long. I apologize for that. Starting next year, I am semi retiring from trophy hunting. Let me explain……

Yes, I will still be earning trophies. One goal I will never end, is my daily trophy streak. That streak currently sits at 764 days in a row (started 10/30/16), and I can’t stop now! However, that is my only trophy related goal really. From there, it’s time for new gaming goals!:

  • Game Completion! I am going back to all the games I never finished, and seeing how many I can 100% complete. This spans across all 3 of my most used Sony Platforms (PS3, PS4, and PS Vita).
  • I am also going to try to complete games on at least 3 non Sony consoles. I’m going to Retro Baby!

There will be posts related to all new gaming goals. 2019 is going to be a fun year! 😉

The ‘Malty’ In The Malty Gamer

Where’s the beer? More specifically the craft beer? 2019 will see the return of beer reviews, and possibly some new ideas. Brewery tours? Drunken gaming? I am starting a list, because there many possibilities that could be a ton of fun!

Before I wrap this up, I just want to tell everyone reading this, or who have continued to support me through The Malty Gamer, a huge thank you! I am very humbled by all my fans and readers!

Happy Holiday’s everyone, and I will see you all in 2019! As always……

Cheers & Game On!
– The Malty Gamer

4 thoughts on “The Malty Gamer Returns In 2019!

  1. Glad to see you back! Just remember, tackle all this in moderation and you may not feel like you’re getting burned out. 😉

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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