TMG Live Stream Archive On YouTube!

Over the past couple months, I have taken a dip into the waters of Twitch streaming. It has been a lot of fun, and I have even discovered some other great streamers that I enjoy watching. While Twitch is great, one thing I feel it doesn’t do too well is allowing you to keep your past streams on your channel for a long period of time (in my case only for 14 days). So, with a little tech know how and a YouTube account, I have fixed that issue.

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Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide Update! (10/10/20)

Just when you thought there weren’t going to be any new comics released, IDW surprises us all with a new 4 part series that also crosses over with The Transformers! To top it all off, there are several variant covers! Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide Update! (10/10/20)”

Gaming And Trophies! The 2018 Year In Review!

2018 was quite the year for me as gamer, in terms of the amount of games I played and trophies I earned. And for the most part, I am glad it’s over lol! Let’s take a look at all the stats, bits, and games that sums up my 2018 in gaming as well as how this whole trophy game started for me in the first place!

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