Gaming On The Fly!

As a gamer, I have set goals for myself in this grand old year of 2018. Games to complete. Trophies to earn. Platinum’s to acquire (I am obviously talking about Sony based console goals lol). While I do have a fairly large backlog of games that I own, there are so many others that I want to play and try out! So with that being said, I needed a little help……

Enter: GameFly!


Over the years, I have been a GameFly member on a couple occasions. GameFly, for those who don’t know, is a game by mail rental service. Similar to the way Netflix used to be. Be it one disc at a time rentals, or 3 at a time (which was crazy hard to keep up with mind you lol), being a member means that for one monthly fee you can play so many games that you’d probably never buy at full price. The service also has no late fees and you can rent the game as long as you wish. Send it back when you are done, and they send you the next one in your list. So other than trying out new games, how does this help me with my 2018 gaming goals?

Visual Novels

With the power of a GameFly membership, I can rent really obscure, rare, and hard to find ‘Visual Novel’ games for both the PS4 and Vita (such as Root Letter seen above). I enjoy these types of games, and as a bonus they have pretty easy trophies and Platinum’s you can earn. Surely this will help me boost my goals and numbers for the year!

Games Aimed At Kids

If I want to achieve my goals, I must also have no shame. That means renting games I would definitely never buy.


Let’s take Cars 3 for the PS4 for example. My son is too old for it. My daughter is almost too young for it. So it’s not a game I would buy for them. However I will rent it and play it myself for the easy ass trophies and Platinum lol. Besides, it can’t be too bad. It’s a straight forward racing game, with the lovable characters from the movie it’s based on, not to mention I really enjoyed the second game in the series back on the PS3 ๐Ÿ˜‰

Can’t Afford

Finally, putting goals aside, there are games I want to play to just play. Have fun with them. But I can’t afford $60 a game for these new games that keep coming out. I’m looking at you God Of War!


With a rental service that is only costing me $16/month and has literally 1,000’s of games you can rent over dozens of consoles and handhelds, I will always have something new to play or try out, at a low cost. Plus it will help give me a huge boost to my goals. It’s a great deal!

I have a lot more updates coming to The Malty Gamer that pertain to my gaming goals and achievements, so stay tuned!

Cheers & Game On!
– TheMaltyGamer

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