My Crazy Week In Toy Collecting!

I have been a toy collector for many years now. I have made a lot of cool purchases, and have acquired some pretty awesome items for my collection. Two weeks ago however, was the craziest week I think I have ever experienced in all of those years of collecting. Lucky… VERY lucky finds, a comic shop buying old personal pop collections, and even a really heart warming story about a fellow collector and complete stranger. That week was one hell of a ride! So let’s break it all down…

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Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide Update! (10/10/20)

Just when you thought there weren’t going to be any new comics released, IDW surprises us all with a new 4 part series that also crosses over with The Transformers! To top it all off, there are several variant covers! Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide Update! (10/10/20)”

The Malty Gamer Returns In 2019!

It’s been quite a long time since I have written a new entry here at the Malty Gamer, and that’s a shame. I have had a lot of great ideas for this website, and for all my fans and followers, there is good news…… The Malty Gamer will return in a big way in 2019! Let’s take a look……

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