MaltyBlog #8: Harley’s First Time… When Was It?

Sometimes in the world of comic book collecting, you may find a debate on what constitutes a characters true ‘first appearance’. In the case of DC Comics fan favorite bad girl Harley Quinn, I found such a debate completely by accident. All because of a comic book that I don’t actually have, and the frustrations that came with it.

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MaltyBlog #7: Malty Monday!, 4/17/23

Small MaltyCollects update this week, and a look at what’s happening with the SRP! It’s MaltyMonday!

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MaltyBlog #6: Shelved

When you are a comic book collector to the extent I am, you have a big problem to tackle: storage. Comic books take up a lot of space, and the classic long boxes just don’t appeal to me anymore. I found a cheap and easy solution that works perfect for me, makes getting to what I want to read easier, and just looks damn cool! Let’s talk shelves.

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