TheMaltyGamer Radio!

I just discovered a great new thing called Stationhead, and it allows me to share and stream my own radio ‘station’ for free 24/7. I was skeptical at first, but was delighted and excited it offered this and so much more!

Stationhead Is A Very Cool App!

The free Stationhead app for iPhone (Android coming soon) is a great tool that combines sharing music and social interaction all in one! It streams the station you create 24/7 no matter what. Just add songs (up to a whopping 2,500!) to the rotation and that’s that! Comes right from your Spotify Premium or Apple Music accounts. You can even go live, talk podcast style, schedule shows, take requests, and call in up to 3 friends to talk on live shows. All from this app.

Stationhead is a social platform that also lets you be a DJ!

Here’s all you need, to find TheMaltyGamer radio station as well as starting your own!

  • iPhone (Android coming soon)
  • Spotify Premium or Apple Music (to connect to your station you create) (Sadly Free Spotify does not work)
  • Once you’re set up with your free account and station, just search for THEMALTYGAMER. Done!

In the future, I do plan to do live shows and other cool and fun things. Let’s just add this to one more way I am hoping to reach out more with The Malty Gamer in 2019! Hope you can join in!

Till next time, and as always……

Cheers & Game On!
– The Malty Gamer

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