Looking Ahead To 2018!

With only 15 days left of the year, and with a new fresher look to the website, I thought I’d go over some of the many things that are planned for The Malty Gamer in 2018. Ready? Lets take a look! Continue reading “Looking Ahead To 2018!”

First (Physical) Game Of 2017!

For those that know me personally, will attest to the fact that I once had a large and glorious video game collection. I don’t mean just digital form either, but also physical games. Well over 700+ at the collections peak. Sadly however, in an effort to basically survive the financial hell I called 2014, I sold most of the collection. Not leaving much to display, or play, it was indeed a sad year for me. However I knew one day, I would rebuild, even if it was one game at a time. So far this year, I have only added one new physical game to my collection, but it’s a pretty good one 😉 Continue reading “First (Physical) Game Of 2017!”