MaltyBlog #3: Malty Monday!, 4/3/23

Another week, another update to MaltyCollects. The additions to the collection this week are quite ‘super’.

This week sees 83 comic books added to the collection, spread over DC and Marvel.


Ever since I was a little boy, Superman was always and still is my favorite DC character of all time. Starting in the late 80s and early 90s I started buying Superman comics like crazy with my allowance money and later my paper route money. It was the 90s and I was in my teens. My how times have changed.

Flash forward to now and I’m starting to finally organize and catalog my whole collection from then until current day. 100s and 100s of comic books certainly will take some time but I’m nearing the end at least for Superman. For now lol. This is why you’ve seen such huge surges lately in the DC Database of the Comic Books category.

As a side note, I have a Superman related project/goal coming soon that I’m excited to share and talk about. If you were in my Twitch stream chat last week, you may have heard me mention something. You can follow me here by the way.

The following DC Comic Books were added to MaltyCollects:

Superman: The Man Of Steel (1991 – 2003):
#18A (1st Print), 18D (3rd Print), 19A (Direct), 19B (Newsstand), 20A (Direct), 20C (Newsstand), 21A (x2), 22A (Direct), 22C (Collector’s) (x2), 23A – 24A, 25A (Direct), 25B (Newsstand), 26A, 41A – 51A, 53B, 60A, 61B, 64A, 68B, 80A, 82A – 83A, 96A – 99A, 100C, 101A – 105A

The Adventures of Superman (1986 – 2006):

#0A, 424A, 472A, 497A, 498D (3rd Print), 499A (Direct), 499B (Newsstand), 500A (Direct), 500C (White Polybag), 500E (Collector’s), 500F (Collector’s/Superman Alone), 501A (Direct), 501C (Collector’s), 502A – 504A, 558A – 559A, 561A, 576B, 578A – 583A, 644A, 1000000B


I only recently over the last couple of years got into Marvel comics. Like many, it was in part because of the booming popularity of the MCU. Currently for new titles, I’m mainly collecting Scarlet Witch and She-Hulk.

As for older titles, I definitely have some series, titles and characters I would like to collect for. With ComicCon fast approaching, there will definitely be more Marvel updates at MaltyCollects in the near future.

The following Marvel Comic Books were added to MaltyCollects:

Scarlet Witch, Vol. 3 (2023 – ):
#2F (2nd Printing Cover), 3A, 3B, 3D, 3E. 3F

She-Hulk, Vol. 4 (2022 – ):

#10A, 10B, 11A, 11B

That’s all for MaltyMonday this week all, but look for another new blog post this coming Friday!

Till Next time, be good to each other and Game On!

~ Malty

Each blog post will end with a random Music Video, because TMG ❤’s MvM

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