Looking Ahead To 2018!

With only 15 days left of the year, and with a new fresher look to the website, I thought I’d go over some of the many things that are planned for The Malty Gamer in 2018. Ready? Lets take a look!

2017 was the year the website began, and I certainly didn’t post new content nearly as much as I wanted to. Life was rough and bumpy for me this year, and it took a lot of my time away from projects I wanted to work on. This is something I hope improves in the new year, as I have a lot of new ideas for The Malty Gamer!


The Malty Gamer name, personality, and concept was born this year by a good friend of mine. A genius idea that really sums up who I am now, with a very clever name. However, TMG is not who I have always been. In fact, for nearly 20 years I was someone completely different. As the top of the site reads (‘Since 1999’), I have been doing websites for a really long time as someone called MvM. While MvM evolved a lot over the years, and was reborn into TMG this year, he never really truly went away. TMG focuses heavily on craft beer, video games, and geek culture. But MvM was very audio and video based, and is still a huge part of TMG.

So I am bringing MvM into the TMG world. The merging of two similar yet different personalities of myself. This project is something I have thought about a lot in great detail over the last few months. It’s my hope, that this will spawn off into YouTube projects, and other Audio/Video projects such as countdown videos and even……gasp!……the return of the ‘Online Radio’ concept I ended more than 10 years ago. Could 2018 see the birth of WTMG Online?

Also, who is Kylex? Stay tuned to the new year to find out! 😉

You Get Files! And You Get Files! And You Get Files!……

One of the great downsides to the blogging and WordPress platform is that it’s just that…… a blog platform. While I have a lot of tips and tricks up my sleeve to make this website appear more website-ish and less blog site-ish, it’s still a blog site. That of course means no file hosting for anything more than images. I no longer have the ability to host audio, video, or even zip files on my website that anyone can just grab or download.


That brings me to Dropbox. I have signed up for a free account, that allows me to store up to and share, 2GB of files. All I have to do is share a link, and presto! You get a file! With 2GB of storage, I am able to start working on these video and audio projects I mentioned earlier, and share them with all of my visitors! However, those types of files do eat up space, and 2GB will go fast. Therefore, most likely, all A/V projects and files I share will be on a rotation. New files will come in, and old files will retire. So if you plan to collect anything TMG offers, better catch them all fast!

Look for a new post in the next couple days, with the first Dropbox offering from the Malty Gamer! 🙂

Pour With Vigor!

Beer. More specifically, craft beer. It’s not just something I enjoy immensely, but it’s also part of what I do for a living in the real world! One thing I started this year was beer reviews. However, craft beer isn’t always cheap and I temporarily stopped the reviews simply due to budget constraints. Looking forward to 2018, and the fact that things in my life are finally vastly improving, the drinking and reviewing of more great craft beers are on the horizon. Look for new reviews to start back up in the new year!

Roads? Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

By far the most visited and popular part of this website/blog, is the Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide.


What originally started off as it’s own blog site, right at the same time TMG was being born, has merged into the TMG world with a life of its own. Every series, cover, synopsis, release date, artist/writer information, and even international releases are all covered in the guide. With the release of yet another new series at the end of this month, this section of my website has grown larger than I could have ever imagined! With that said, I have big plans in the new year for some rearranging and sprucing up of the guide. Make it flow better, and make it easier to navigate. Look for that, as well as the return of my ‘The Story So Far……’ series, in the upcoming new year! 🙂  Great Scott! This is heavy……

The Gamer

While I have a couple new gaming related posts in the works, to be posted in the next few days, I thought I’d touch on a couple things here.


I will be using Backloggery to keep track of all the games I own across all platforms, both physical and digital. This will also help me track what games I have completed, or yet to play. It’s called a backlog for a reason 😉  This will be added to the site in the coming new year, and I look forward to sharing it!

Another good reason to keep track of the games you own? So you don’t buy games you already have lol! In 2018, I am hoping to get back to something I loved doing so much……collecting! It’s been a long time since I have had the time, or resources to enjoy my favorite hobby, but hopefully something that will be easier to get back into in the new year. More on that, and other 2018 gaming goals coming soon!

The Social Umbrella


Over the course of 2017, I have put TMG on various social networks and apps. While not using all of them, I am on some of the bigger ones. It’s my goal in 2018 to not only expand into a few more, but to also try to build my audience and followers up for all of them. More content, quality posts, and engaging with others a lot more. As time allows of course. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to ‘building a brand’ but it’s something I am very interested in!

In Closing!

And Boys?!?…… (This is an inside joke lol)

These are just a few of the many things that are in store for The Malty Gamer in 2018, and I am very excited to bring it to everyone! I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Until Next Time,

Game On & Cheers!
– TheMaltyGamer

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