Looking Ahead To 2018!

With only 15 days left of the year, and with a new fresher look to the website, I thought I’d go over some of the many things that are planned for The Malty Gamer in 2018. Ready? Lets take a look! Continue reading “Looking Ahead To 2018!”

Back To The Story: IDW Back To The Future #1

Every week, I write a summary of an issue or two from the IDW Back To The Future comic book series. This is for anyone who missed an issue and needs to catch up, or wants to collect the comics and can’t find certain issues. This will serve as a catch up for those that need to know the story so far. Warning! Spoilers ahead! Getting ‘Back To The Story’, let’s start where it all began in October, 2015…… Issue #1! Continue reading “Back To The Story: IDW Back To The Future #1”