TMG Music Top 5: November 2017

Using the power of my account again to keep track of all the albums, songs, and artists I listen too, I present to you the end of month top 5 for November 2017. Let’s see what I played and listened to the most!Keep in mind that some services (like Pandora) were not counted. So this list isn’t 100% of everything I played, but is most of it as I use Spotify 99% of the time.

Here’s the list! (Amount of plays, or ‘scrobbles’ are in bold)



TMG Top 5 Artists In November 2017

  1. Electric Light Orchestra (x41)
  2. VHS Collection (x22)
  3. Metallica (x19)
  4. The Smiths (x19)
  5. Kylie Minogue (x18)



TMG Top 5 Albums In November 2017

  1. ‘The Wedding Singer Soundtrack’ – Various Artists (x19)
  2. ‘The Essential Electric Light Orchestra’ – Electric Light Orchestra (x18)
  3. ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ – Coldplay (x15)
  4. ‘Jeff Lynne’s ELO: Wembley Or Bust’ – Electric Light Orchestra (x15)
  5. ‘No Roots’ – Alice Merton (x13)



TMG Top 5 Tracks In November 2017

  1. ‘How Soon Is Now’ – The Smiths (x19)
  2. ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ – Coldplay (x15)
  3. ‘No Roots’ – Alice Merton (x13)
  4. ‘Heathens’ – Twenty One Pilots (x12)
  5. ‘I’m Not The Only One’ – Sam Smith (x11)

If anyone is interested in looking at my full profile and scrobbles, you can just click this link here.

Another Top 5 coming up in 30 days!

Cheers & Game On!

– TheMaltyGamer

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