The ‘Weekend 3 Pack’ Beer Review #4 (09/03/17)

Welcome to this weeks ‘Weekend 3 Pack’ Beer Review (formally the ‘3 For Thursday’ Beer Review), for 09/03/17! Posted every Sunday, this weeks review showcases 3 different beers from Elk Brewing, Keweenaw Brewing, and Old Nation Brewing. Let’s take a look! Continue reading “The ‘Weekend 3 Pack’ Beer Review #4 (09/03/17)”

‘3 For Thursday’ Beer Review #3 (08/24/17)

A couple days late posting this, but the reviews are in! Every Thursday, I sit down and try out 3 beers that I have never had before. What follows is a quick rundown of each one, and what I thought of them. Just quick thoughts. Let’s check out the 3 for this week! Continue reading “‘3 For Thursday’ Beer Review #3 (08/24/17)”