The ‘Weekend 3 Pack’ Beer Review #5 (09/10/17)

Welcome to this weeks ‘Weekend 3 Pack’ Beer Review, for 09/10/17! Posted every Sunday, this weeks review showcases 3 different beers from New Holland Brewery. Let’s take a look!


Ichabod | New Holland Brewery
Pumpkin/Yam Beer | 4.5% ABV, NA IBU

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Pumpkin beer! This will be my first for this year, so when I decided to do a 3 beer review from one brewery, I thought it would be good to add this one to the mix!


According to UnTappd:

“Ichabod combines malted barley and real pumpkin with cinnamon and nutmeg in a delicious and inviting brew. A rewarding complement to many dishes, Ichabod pairs well with autumnal foods such as poultry and root vegetables. After dinner, try it with your favorite dessert!”

The pumpkin and yam flavor comes out strong in this one, but not in an overbearing way. It’s a quite refreshing and light beer, that definitely goes well with this time of year. The nutmeg finish I got was very tasty as well. I am now craving Pumpkin Pie! I gave this one 4.75 stars on UnTappd!


Tasmanian Hatter | New Holland Brewery
American IPA | 7% ABV, 65 IBU

I am always down for trying any IPA. The hoppier the better! So I decided to add this one to the mix.


According to UnTappd:

“Tasmanian Hatter brings you flavors from the region of the Tasman Sea. Galaxy hops from Australia and Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand combine with Mosaic from the Pacific Northwest to present bright, tropical flavors of mango and citrus beautifully framed with biscuity malt character.”

I am pretty sure this was the first beer I’ve had with Galaxy hops. And I really liked it! This IPA definitely has a unique flavor profile, and I came away from each drink with a smooth citrus and light hop taste. I will say that this definitely beats out the M-43 I tried in last weeks review! I gave this one 4.5 stars on UnTappd!


The Poet | New Holland Brewery
Oatmeal Stout | 5.2% ABV, 37 IBU

I love stouts and Edgar Allen Poe……. quote the Raven, never more (see what I did there? Lol…….sigh…….)


According to UnTappd:

“Oats bring a creaminess and soft mouth-feel to rich, roasty malt character. Pairings: mushrooms, beef, blooming, soft-ripened cheeses & chocolate.”

This is one crisp and light stout! I got a huge hint of the roasted malt and oat, which I just love! Very easy to drink, not hard on the pallet, and overall just very enjoyable! I would definitely buy this in a 6 pack and drink again! I gave this a full 5 stars on UnTappd!

That’s all the beers for this week everyone! If anyone has any questions or comments on these beers, let me know in the comments below! As always……

Cheers & Game On!

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