190 PlayStation Vita Games!

I am currently in the process of cataloging all of the video games I have in my collection, and I decided to start with my favorite handheld console of all time… the PlayStation Vita! The list is now up to date, so I thought I would share it with everyone. Let’s take a look!

A very small part of my old physical game collection (2012)

Before I go any further, I do need to preface this with a quick little back story. Back in around 2013-14, I had a massive physical video game collection. I mean huge! I spent over 10 years building my prized library that spanned dozens of consoles. As fate would have it however, I hit very hard times, and had to sell everything I had collected and loved so much! It all came down to survival as a single parent (at the time), so while difficult, it was also an easy decision to make. So I sold all of my games. The one thing I never sold though, was my consoles as I saw those as being much harder to replace.

Not having any physical games would make it seem like I had no games to play anymore, right? Well not exactly. In today’s day and age, everything is going digital. And that’s where I am now with my beloved and most favorite handheld console of all time, the PlayStation Vita.

What A Sexy Handheld!

I bought mine at launch way back in 2012. The original OLED/3G/WiFi model. That gorgeous piece of hardware has been my joy, and is always being used, and all due to the fact that I have amassed so many digital games for it! Now if only Sony’s stupid memory cards were cheaper……

So many collectors these days only show off physical collections and often forget about the digital games. Don’t get me wrong, I want a large physical collection again, and I will one day very soon! But digital to me still counts. They are mine. I own them. In the case of the Vita, I either paid for them, or in a lot of cases got them for free as a PS+ member.


Now that I am trying to keep track of everything I own, and trying to start completing my backlog of games…… I saw Backloggery.com as the best place to go.

I have used the site in the past with my old collection, and now that I am rebooting back into the collection scene, I have started using a new account.

Don’t Judge! I like Animal Crossing! Lol……

I compiled a complete list of every single Vita game I own, and even noted which ones were PS+ freebies (more on that very soon in an upcoming blog post). While I wish the site had a better method for entries (one at a time is monotonous), it does everything I need. I can keep track of every game I own, list if it has been played/beaten/completed, and even keep track of trophy/achievement progress. Best of all, I can share this with all of my friends and TMG readers!

So I present to you, MvM42 (my online gaming handle) on Backloggery.com and my 190 Vita games. And so there is no confusion, I do have 4 physical Vita games. All others are digital and noted with ‘(PSN Version)’ in their titles. You can find me and my collection here:


The Vita by the way is just the tip of the collection iceberg! There are more games yet to be listed (both digital and physical), for more than a dozen other platforms. So please stay tuned!

That’s all for now, so as always……

Cheers & Game On!

– The Malty Gamer

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