HUGE Website Update! (08/06/17)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another big Sunday update to TheMaltyGamer! I said I had some big things coming, so let’s see what’s new!

New Sections galore! Let’s start with the section that was a long time coming, and one that fully brings out the Malty in MaltyGamer…… BEER!


That’s right folks, TheMaltyGamer is on Untappd! Technically I have been for 5 years, but decided this was a great time to merge it into the MaltyGamer string of social media accounts. Now, everyone who comes to this site, can look at a list of all the yummy beers I have tried by clicking that image you see above, or by going to Beer Archive in the menu at the top of the site. Alternately, you can also find the link/image on the side of the page (or bottom if on mobile). This section will definately be continuously updated!

The beer archive will also house links to all of my upcoming ‘3 For Thursday’ beer reviews. Look for the first one to come this Thursday, 08/10/17!


The Game Archive section is finally live on the site! This is where you’ll find 2 complete lists (one for physical and one for digital) of my entire video game collection! The lists are far from complete at the moment, and there so many games still to add (100’s just for digital alone). However there was enough to get the lists online, and these lists will also be continuously updated. You can check out the lists by going to the Game Archive at the top of the page, or by clicking the images/links on the side of the page (bottom on mobile).

MvM is still around?

The Video Archive, while already having been on the site for a couple weeks now, is hopefully going to grow more soon. Currently, it lists all of the past Music Video’s of the week that I post to the side of the page (bottom on mobile) every Sunday. Eventually it will also house all of my other video projects that I am planning, not to mention……gasp! YouTube! That’s right, TheMaltyGamer will eventually Vlog, and keep an updated YouTube channel going. Because why not, I already don’t have enough to do lol.

Finally, I added 2 more sections to the side of the page (again, bottom on mobile).

If only it were that easy……

Now I can’t say how accurate this tool is, as I can only read English. However adding the ability to translate the ENTIRE site into another language is still very cool! I thought it would make a neat addition, and maybe even help my fellow foreign fans of TheMaltyGamer! Let me know how well it works by leaving a comment below. You will find the tool at the top of the side bar on the left.


I am also on Instagram (@themaltygamer), and thought it would be fun to display my most recent 6 uploads over there. I do alot of Instagram, so every time you come to the site here, you’ll probably see something new! Or, you could also follow me on Instagram lol.

That’s all for this update folks, but I have a lot more planned to come. Till then……

Cheers & Game On!

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