MASSIVE BTTF Collector’s Guide Update!

As if the BTTF Comic Collector’s Guide wasn’t already awesome enough, with the help of a new friend, it’s become even more awesome! This is the biggest update to the guide yet! Let’s look at International Editions, corrections and a new issue!


It seems that IDW gave international publishers permission to publish the BTTF series in their countries. Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, and The UK. And thanks to my new friend Dexter SherloConan, I have been able to add these awesome covers/editions to the guide! All information and scans/images were provided to me by him, and with his permission am able to share these with all of you! If you’d like to see all of the newest International covers, just click here!

Dexter SherloConan also noticed a few things in the guide that needed to be corrected and tweaked. The following was added or changed:

  • The Wizard World cover for issue #1 was updated. I had just the image, however not the full cover. He sent me the full cover as well as……gasp!……..another alternate Wizard World cover for issue #1. Check them out here!
  • He sent me an updated scan of the promo card for the series, as well as the scan and info for a ‘mini’ comic that was included with IDW’s board game. He also sent me a couple missing TPB covers for TPB #1 & 2, as well as the correct cover and release date for TPB #3. You can find them here!


Biff To The Future #6 was released earlier this week, and has been added to the guide. You can find the 3 covers for this issue here, as well as the story plot here.

Finally, I tweaked the navigation of the guide as it was becoming quite large.

  • The drop down menu for the guide at the top of the website is now just a single link. The links to all of those pages from the drop down menu are now within this one page/link.
  • Once on the main Guide page (link at the top of the site), you’ll see all of the links to all of the pages to the guide nicely reorganized at the top of the post.
  • You’ll now also see a tweak to the Story Lines & Release Dates page as well. There are now page jumps in the page. The page was getting very long, so now you have the option to click a link and jump to a further place in the page instantly. You also will have the ability to click a link to jump back to the top of the page. I am hoping that this makes things easier.

Whew! Quite the update! Again HUGE thanks to my friend and fellow collector Dexter SherloConan for all the help and new additions to the guide!

That’s all for now all. As always……

Cheers & Game On!

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