Last Platinum Of 2016!

I certainly did not achieve all of my trophy goals for 2016, one of which was to have a whole lot more Platinum trophies on my PSN account. While I was very happy to FINALLY hit the 5,000 trophy mark (after trying off and on for 3 years), I really got behind on game completions. I was only able to 100% Platinum my 58th game. That may seem like a lot, but in comparison to others and that I have had this PSN account since 2008, I was pretty disappointed with myself. The only great part about Plat #58, was the game it came from……

Last Plat of 2016. Ignore the date stamp in this picture. That’s when it was synced lol…

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations (from on out I’ll just call it ATFJI. Too lazy to type it all out again lol) for the PS3, and my first real exposure to the Adventure Time world. Before this game, I had never even seen the show. I can’t say enough as to how fun this game was, and how much I loved the characters. It’s a basic point and click adventure game, and it’s extremely funny and fun to play. ATFJI isn’t too long of a game and can actually be completed in a day with a walkthrough. The game will also introduce you to all the characters in the TV series, and the lands they live in. It even has some fun combat battle sections. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this game. So much so (and because there was a sale lol), I bought the PS4 version as well. Why? Separate trophy lists of course! Therefore, may I present to you Platinum trophy #59, and first Plat of 2017……

Round 2!

ATFJI! Yeah, I don’t even feel bad about it either. I loved this game lol!

Now just 41 Platinum trophies away from my 2017 goal of hitting 100 Platinum’s. Will I get there? I sure am going to try as hard as I can. Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll retire from trophy hunting and just simply play games to play them………Nah! What’s the fun in that? 😉

Cheers, and Game On!

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