My 2017 Trophy Goals!

While I am a die hard gamer, and love to just simply escape into the worlds that games can bring, I am also a huge fan of the meta game known as Trophy Hunting. Very similar to the achievements system you’ll find on the XBOX or even steam, SONY uses trophies in their games and has done so since 2008. For a very long time, I hunted them like crazy, but then for a few years I stopped. Life can take over, and you just simply don’t have any time for hunting, let alone gaming. But this year, that’s all about to change! πŸ˜‰

Here we are in 2017, and I am ready to get back into achieving goals I set for myself a few years ago. This time around, I will succeed and make it! So what exactly are my trophy goals for this year? Let’s take a look……

Trophy Streaking

According to my account at TrueTrophies, I am (as of this writing, 2/16/17) on a 110 day trophy streak. In other words, I have earned at least one trophy a day, every day, since 10/30/16!


This all started off as an accident, but when I realized how far I had come it became a lot of fun to try to keep the streak going! So this year, my goal is to keep the streak going until 10/30/17……a full year streak! And I have just the games in my collection to help me get there. I’ll be writing a separate post about that soon.

100 Platinum Trophies!


As of this writing (2/16/17), I am sitting at a very nice 60 platinum trophies on my PSN account. For those that don’t know, a platinum trophy, mostly on retail games only, are received when you have earned all other regular trophies for a game. A major 100% if you will. With only 40 left to go, and another 10 more months to get them, I feel very confident that I will achieve this goal.

As I go through 2017, I may add a couple more trophy goals along the way, but this is definitely a great place to start! And I look forward to sharing my progress with all of you!

Cheers, and Game On!

– The Malty Gamer

2 thoughts on “My 2017 Trophy Goals!

  1. I think you should keep your streak going for the whole year, not just til Oct 30th πŸ˜‰ So glad you are back into gaming on a regular basis!!


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