First (Physical) Game Of 2017!

For those that know me personally, will attest to the fact that I once had a large and glorious video game collection. I don’t mean just digital form either, but also physical games. Well over 700+ at the collections peak. Sadly however, in an effort to basically survive the financial hell I called 2014, I sold most of the collection. Not leaving much to display, or play, it was indeed a sad year for me. However I knew one day, I would rebuild, even if it was one game at a time. So far this year, I have only added one new physical game to my collection, but it’s a pretty good one ๐Ÿ˜‰

Duke Nukem 3D World Tour. I have always been a huge fan of Duke, and all of potty mouth badassery. Death to all of the space pigs! This game I purchased for the PS4 is basically a remaster of the original Duke Nukem 3D, with newly added voice overs, new music, and a new level! I’m very excited to try this out, and go back to the world of Duke Nukem, now in glorious HD.

Oh by the way, did I mention the trophies for this game? As all PS4 games do, this game has your usual list of trophies that can be earned in the game and added to your PSN account. Being that I am a HUGE Trophy Hunter, I am always down for easy trophies. This game has exactly that. Seeing as how the developers left in the original games cheat menu, and did not patch it to kill trophy earning when using said in game cheats……well from what I have read, you can plat the game in 30 minutes. Where is the fun in that you ask? There is no fun in that other than earning some quick and easy trophies. My plan is to first rush through for the trophies, then go back and really enjoy the game. I love the Duke series!

That’s all for now everyone, and thanks for stopping by!

Cheers, and Game On!

– The Malty Gamer

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