Sonic The Hedgehog Is Coming To TheMaltyGamer!

My love of seeing my favorite pop culture properties in comic book form didn’t stop at Back To The Future. Now, IDW Publishing has started releasing Sonic The Hedgehog comics, after the long run Sonic had with Archie Comics. Just as I did with the Back To The Future Comics (which is also still ongoing, don’t worry BTTF fans!), I will be soon revealing a new section to this site. The Sonic The Hedgehog Comics Collector’s Guide! Continue reading “Sonic The Hedgehog Is Coming To TheMaltyGamer!”

Sega Saturn – Keeping The Lid Closed

So I decided out of sheer boredom, to see if I could fix my beloved modded Sega Saturn that I purchased many years ago off eBay (shady right? Lol). It has a mod chip soldered/installed inside that allows me to play burned copy’s of any Saturn game from any region (best Saturn console purchase I ever made)! I’m not a supporter of piracy, but we can’t all afford those high end priced Saturn games (Damn you Panzer Dragoon Saga!). Continue reading “Sega Saturn – Keeping The Lid Closed”