Retro Gaming, On The Go!

Like so many of you out there, I find that nothing is more fun than replaying my old favorite classic video games. Games that I played as a kid, or just plain remember fondly for whatever reason. Today, retro gaming is more popular than ever, yet buying old consoles and games is becoming more expensive. Not to mention that old cartridges and disc’s have worn over time. While there are many solutions as to how you can still play your favorite games, I’d like to show you what I did. Being on the go, it doesn’t involve a smart phone of any kind, but rather a PSP…… Continue reading “Retro Gaming, On The Go!”

Sega Saturn – Keeping The Lid Closed

So I decided out of sheer boredom, to see if I could fix my beloved modded Sega Saturn that I purchased many years ago off eBay (shady right? Lol). It has a mod chip soldered/installed inside that allows me to play burned copy’s of any Saturn game from any region (best Saturn console purchase I ever made)! I’m not a supporter of piracy, but we can’t all afford those high end priced Saturn games (Damn you Panzer Dragoon Saga!). Continue reading “Sega Saturn – Keeping The Lid Closed”