Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide Update! (2/5/18)

Massive thanks goes out to my friend and fellow BTTF Comic Super fan and collector, Dexter SherloConan! He has once again provided The Malty Gamer, and in turn all of you, with some new covers for the International releases section of the guide, as well as one more new TPB cover for the USA. Let’s take a look! Continue reading “Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide Update! (2/5/18)”

BTTF Collector’s Guide Update: New Issues! (10/15/17)

The newest issue of the Back To The Future comic series from IDW is here! Issue #23 hit the store shelves on October 11th, and is part 2 of a 4 part story arc! This new issue, plus more international editions have been added to the collector’s guide! Let’s see what’s new! Continue reading “BTTF Collector’s Guide Update: New Issues! (10/15/17)”