My Crazy Week In Toy Collecting!

I have been a toy collector for many years now. I have made a lot of cool purchases, and have acquired some pretty awesome items for my collection. Two weeks ago however, was the craziest week I think I have ever experienced in all of those years of collecting. Lucky… VERY lucky finds, a comic shop buying old personal pop collections, and even a really heart warming story about a fellow collector and complete stranger. That week was one hell of a ride! So let’s break it all down…

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The Massive Toys ‘R’ Us Going-Out-of-Business Sales Begin Tomorrow (3/22/18)

We didn’t wanna grow up. We were always a Toys R Us kid. Now, the biggest part of many peoples childhood’s, is coming to an end. On the flip side, now is the perfect time to buy all the toys and games anyone may have been holding out on, on the cheap. So I suppose there’s that. Continue reading “The Massive Toys ‘R’ Us Going-Out-of-Business Sales Begin Tomorrow (3/22/18)”