Back To The Future (Volume 1), Issues 2 – 5


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Back To The Future #2
Great scott! The past present and future come crashing together as only Back to the Future can do it! Secrets between the McFly family and Doc Brown are revealed and what happens to the inventions that don’t quite work as planned
(Released On: November 11th, 2015)

This Issue Has 4 Known Cover Variants:


Back To The Future #3
Marty McFly’s parents were destined to marry-whether he went back in time or not-but without his intervention, did the wedding cake taste as sweet? Plus, Doc and Marty weren’t the only pilots the DeLorean ever had. Biff Tannen took a trip, too-and 1955 wasn’t his only destination!
(Released On: December 9th, 2015)

This Issue Has 3 Known Cover Variants:


Back To The Future #4
Marty’s been Doc Brown’s assistant for a couple years now-but that doesn’t mean Doc shares his secrets. Clandestine dealings with Libyans and a mysterious stainless-steel car are bad enough but what else is Doc keeping to himself?
Plus, Doc may not have been the first person to visit the past, but he made up for it by being the very first to visit the future.
(Released On: January 13th, 2016)

This Issue Has 3 Known Cover Variants:


Back To The Future #5
Doc finishes rebuilding the flux capacitor in the Old West and it’s time to find Marty but an unexpected encounter threatens to derail the time train before it can take Doc, Clara, Jules, and Vern back to 1985!
(Released On: February 3rd, 2016)

This Issue Has 3 Known Cover Variants:

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