Back To The Future (Volume 1), Issue 1

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Back To The Future #1
‘Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines,’ part 1: BttF creator/screenwriter Bob Gale returns with all-new tales from the twisting and turning timeline that made Back to the Future a, well TIMELESS pop-culture phenomenon!
Take a trip back to 1985 and be there when Doc Brown and Marty McFly first meet, and then jump even farther back, to 1945, to witness Doc’s involvement in the super-secret Manhattan Project. Bullet Points: All-new canonical stories by Bob Gale, creator and screenwriter of Back to the Future. Scripts by John Barber (Transformers) and Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters, TMNT), with artwork by Brent Schoonover (Batman ‘66, Ant-Man) and Dan Schoening (Ghostbusters). Part of IDW’s Artist’s Edition Month promotion!
(Released On: October 21st, 2015)

This Issue Has 43 Known Cover Variants:

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