The 1 Year Trophy Streak!

Today, I earned PSN trophy #5,885. That in itself isn’t all that exciting, unless you really like a good palindrome. No, something much more exciting (to myself anyways) happened. Something I never actually thought I’d be able to pull off. The streak……

That’s right! What started off as an accident this day a year ago, has become a reality! I have achieved a full year trophy streak! What that means is, every day for a full year, I earned at least one PSN trophy in a game on either the PS4, PS3, or PSVita. To be exact, 1,261 trophies in 366 days (an average of 3.45 trophies per day lol).

Let’s really think about that. While yes it seems like I have no life (I assure you that I do), this shows me something pretty startling. If I just earned 1,261 trophies in a year, and I am currently at a total of 5,885 trophies……

That means I earned 22% of ALL my trophies in one year. Wow! Pretty shocking to have almost a quarter of ALL my trophies earned in one year, considering I have been earning trophies since 2009. I earned more trophies this year, than any other single year in the last 8 years!
So I guess now, the real question is…… What’s next? Do I shoot for another year? Another two more years? Truthfully, I have gotten so use to earning a daily trophy, that I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. This could go on for quite awhile.

Now onto my next goal. 6,000 total trophies by the end of 2017!

Cheers, & Game On!

– TheMaltyGamer

[This post was almost entirely written on a 7 year old, generation 1 iPad, running iOS 5.1.1. More on that though in an upcoming post 😉 ]

4 thoughts on “The 1 Year Trophy Streak!

  1. I agree with Tom! Keep going!!! Go until you can go no more! Lol. Also, nice job with the vocab and using the word palindrome! You get major points for that in my book lol 😉

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