It’s Official. Toys R’ Us Is Closing ALL Of Its Stores.

Probably the saddest news I have heard in a long time, Toys R’ Us is closing the doors to all of their stores. Forever. Having grown up myself in the 1980’s, this place was truly a magical place to go at the time. I have so many fond memories, and this is truly the end of an era. Continue reading “It’s Official. Toys R’ Us Is Closing ALL Of Its Stores.”

Welcome To The Malty Gamer!

Hello everyone, and welcome to ‘The Malty Gamer’! The new place on the interwebz to read about all things craft beer and video games! I couldn’t possibly be more passionate about these two topics, so I decided to create a place where I could write about them. All in one convenient place. Huge props also to my best buddy Adam G. for creating the title of this website…… and my new online handle 😉 Continue reading “Welcome To The Malty Gamer!”