MaltyBlog #9: Malty Monday!, 4/24/23

Malty Monday gets dimensional, and another update on the SRP! Let’s go!

I dug out the old tote and repackaged, added, and cataloged the rest of my LEGO Dimensions toys/sets. Does anyone remember these? I was completely obsessed with these sets and the video game they went with! The ‘toys to life’ fad has mostly died down now, and LEGO is no longer making sets for this game. However I had 32 sets in this tote, ALL complete in box with nothing missing!

Altogether I have the base game/set and a total of 51 additional sets. Everything that was released in ‘Year One’ of the series I have. Year Two, I am still missing a few sets but not as many as I had originally thought. Completing this collection shouldn’t be too hard and won’t take me too long. Most expensive item will probably be the exclusive Supergirl mini figure that was packaged with the base set for a limited time… of course after I had already bought it.

I was tempted at the time to buy the starter set, keep Supergirl, then return the set. I didn’t want to be that guy though lol.

Just a quick update for those who may be wondering where the second installment of the SRP is. I am shooting to have the next part up and ready for your reading pleasure on Sunday, April 30th. Hopefully if I plan it right, there will be a new part every ‘Super Sunday’! Stay tuned, there is a lot more of the SRP coming soon! 😉

Till next time, be good to each other and Game On!

~ Malty

Each Blog Post Will End With A Random Music Video, Because TMG ❤’s MvM

One thought on “MaltyBlog #9: Malty Monday!, 4/24/23

  1. Knowing that I just need the chips/bases to be able to play the game, I’ve let my son have some of the actual mini-figs of the series. He’s a fan of Adventure Time and he said that Dimensions was the only series that released LEGO sets for that, so they’re somewhat pricey figures to get on their own. I was more than happy to let him have ‘em! 😁


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