Future Plans For TheMaltyGamer On Twitch & YouTube

After the mild success I have had in starting my own Twitch channel amidst the dumpster fire known as 2020, I have chosen this year to truly dive into content creation. That kind of decision comes with plans, ideas, and projects. So where is all of this starting, and where will it all be going?

First lets start with Twitch. I have enjoyed starting my channel (you can find it here) and making a lot of new friends. Playing games, chatting with other like minded folks, and making wonderful connections helped immensely during the last several months as we begin to wind down (hopefully) from this global pandemic.

It has also given me a the ability to break out of my shell as it were, and start to feel more comfortable being on camera and putting myself ‘out there’. I may not always play the most popular games, but I do play what I enjoy and that’s really the whole point eh? As we are now at the halfway point of 2021, I am planning to continue growing my Twitch follower base with more gaming and more streams! A lot more. In fact, my Twitch channel will very highly focus on gaming exclusively. However that leaves us with the other stream I do on Twitch, and one that is usually quite popular. The good old AEW Watch-A-Long streams every week. If I am going to only focus on gaming on Twitch, what happens to all the wrasslin’?

YouTube (as if the above image didn’t give that away lol). I may be a Twitch Affiliate, but there is no rule against streaming on different platforms. I just can’t stream on multiple platforms at the same time. After some thought, I figured that while I grow on YouTube with all of the content I am working on currently, I could just switch the wrestling watch a long’s over to YouTube. Still a live stream, and still interactive, this will be a much easier solution going forward. Plus everyone and there mom has a YouTube account (Google account), or is on YouTube watching videos. I have the potential in reaching a wider audience.

YouTube is where I will be spending a lot more time in the second half of this year as I begin to create videos and content I have been wanting to do for a long time. For now I will keep those ideas under wraps, but they will be coming.

In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, I would love for you to be a part of my journey! You can find my Twitch Channel here (and click that follow button), and you can also find me on YouTube here (and click that subscribe button).

All future updates to my streaming schedules and video projects will be found here on this website, as well as on my Twitter (which you can find here).

That’s all for now, and I hope everyone has a great day! Until next time……

Stay safe, be happy, and Game On!

– TheMaltyGamer

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