On This Day In Gaming History!: March 28th, 2018

Rumble Roses XX was a female professional wrestling fighting game developed by Konami for the Xbox 360 as the sequel to the 2004 PlayStation 2 game Rumble Roses. The game was released by Konami in North America on March 28th, 2006.

Unlike the previous game in the series, Rumble Roses XX does not have a story mode. With the exception of a simple street fighting mode, the bulk of the gameplay focuses on matches which take place in various locales. Matches can be between individual wrestlers, between tag teams of two wrestlers each, or between a wrestler and a team (a more difficult handicap match).


The game was generally unpopular in North America, but was well received in Japan. It was the fifth best selling Xbox 360 title in Japan from the console’s launch in December 2005 to June 20, 2006. By December 9, 2007, the game had dropped to 18th place in Japanese sales.

For more information on this game, check out the entry at Wikipedia here.
For more images, check out the entry at MobyGames here.

Cheers & Game On!

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