April Platinum #1 (#66)

I really did horrible in the month of March getting Platinum trophies, as I only earned 1. Hopefully this month will be better, and it’s already off to a start with the most bizzare yet entertaining game I have played in a long time: Mr. Massagy……

A while back, a game developer called Green Lava Studios, released a “game” called My Name Is Mayo. All it was (on the PS4 and Vita anyways), was a quick and cheap cash grab for trophy hunters. I even succumbed to it’s cheap price of $4 and a quick easy Platinum trophy. Now they release Mr. Massagy, and while at the same price point and easy Platinum trophy, this “game” was actually very entertaining, in a really bizzare way.

Yeah…… “Other Places”…… lol

You start up the game, and it first tells you how to massage with your PS4 controller. Ahem……ok then. Sure. What follows next though, is pretty entertaining.

Why do I have the song by The Cranberries stuck in my head now?

The game acts as a sort of dating sim. A very weird one. Using the fictional ‘Linger’ app, you swipe for matches. Once you score a match, you begin a ‘date’ with that girl. And the whole date is nothing but very lewd, sexual humor that you go through via dialogue choices with the girl you are on a date with. I’m really surprised actually that this slipped past Sony’s censors.

Mentions of Heroin, Cocaine, and being naked in the woods…… wth?!?

The purpose is to basically 3 star every date in the game by making the right choices. And if you are able to 3 star the date, you are rewarded with a massage from the girl……in other words, your controller vibrates and you can put it on your neck or…..wherever lol. 3 star every date in the game, and Platinum! I did it in under an hour with a walkthrough which you can find here on youtube.

Overall, a pretty funny game, and at $4 with 34 trophies (including a Platinum) it was worth grabbing. Though I would never play this again lol. And for a more entertaining review of this game, check out the post on Kotaku here.

That’s all for now. Cheers, and Game On!

– The Malty Gamer

2 thoughts on “April Platinum #1 (#66)

  1. The dialogue was hilarious… very entertaining and different lol. I likes watching it be played… I’ll probably play for the trophies too!

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