TV (# – H)

Series (#)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesSizeBD #
196916Yes3.43 GBundefined
249204Yes140 GBundefined
8 Simple Rules376Yes15.4 GBundefined
902105114Yes38.5 GBundefined
Series (A)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesBD #
Adventures Of Superman6104Yes19.3 GBundefined
AEW: Dark234OngoingAll episodes from the very first, to the most current.undefined
AEW: Dynamite235OngoingAll episodes from the very first, to the most current.undefined
AEW: Unrestricted115OngoingAll episodes from the very first, to the most current.undefined
Airwolf480Yes26.6 GBundefined
Alf4102Yes22.9 GBundefined
All In The Family9210Yes21.6 GBundefined
Are You Being Served?1069Yes31.9 GBundefined
Arrow8170Yes144 GBundefined
Series (B)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesBD #
Back To You117NoMissing S01E06 – E17EXT HDD 001
Batwoman12Yes (Ongoing)EXT HDD 002
Baywatch11242YesEXT HDD 002
Beauty And The Beast (1987)356YesEXT HDD 002
Beverly Hills, 9021010293YesReplace Later Season’s With HQ DVD RipsEXT HDD 001
BH9021016YesEXT HDD 001
Black Mirror521YesEXT HDD 001
Blackadder424YesEXT HDD 001
Bones12246YesEXT HDD 001
Breaking Bad562YesEXT HDD 002
Brimstone113YesEXT HDD 002
Series (C)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesLocation
Cavemen113NoMissing S01E04 – E13EXT HDD 001
Charles In Charge5126YesEXT HDD 001
Cheers11275YesEXT HDD 001
Chernobyl15YesEXT HDD 001
CHiPS6139YesEXT HDD 002
Chuck591YesEXT HDD 001
Cobra Kai220Yes (Ongoing)EXT HDD 001
Cold Case7156NoI Only Have S02E21EXT HDD 002
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee1184NoMissing S07 – S10EXT HDD 001
CSI15335 + Movie FinaleYesEXT HDD 001
Series (D)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesLocation
Dark Angel242YesEXT HDD 001
Dark Side Of The Ring16NoMissing S01E06EXT HDD 001
DC’s Legend’s Of Tomorrow467Yes (Ongoing)EXT HDD 001
Desperate Housewives8180YesEXT HDD 001
Diff’rent Strokes8189YesEXT HDD 002
Doctor Who (2005)11137Yes (Ongoing)EXT HDD 001
Dollhouse226YesEXT HDD 002
Doogie Howser, MD497YesEXT HDD 002
Doom Patrol115Yes (Ongoing)EXT HDD 001
Series (E)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesLocation
Everybody Loves Raymond9210YesEXT HDD 001
Series (F)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesLocation
Fraggle Rock598NoMissing S01E15 – E24, S02, S04, & S05EXT HDD 002
Freaks And Geeks118YesEXT HDD 002
Friends10236YesEXT HDD 001
Fringe5100YesEXT HDD 001
Full House8192NoI Only Have S06E17 – E24EXT HDD 002
Series (G)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesLocation
Game Of Thrones873YesEXT HDD 001
Good Morning Miss Bliss113YesReplace ALL In HQ LaterEXT HDD 001
Good Mythical Morning16 (?)?NoYouTube Series – Current Work In ProgressEXT HDD 001
Series (H)SeasonsEpisodesCompleteNotesLocation
Heroes478YesEXT HDD 001
Highlander: The Series6121NoMissing S03, S05E17 (‘Double Jeopardy’), S06EXT HDD 001
Highway To Heaven5111YesEXT HDD 001
Historical Roasts16YesEXT HDD 001
Hogan Knows Best442NoS02E04 – E13, S03 – S04EXT HDD 001
Home Improvement8204NoMissing S01E09 – E24, S02 – S08EXT HDD 001
House8177YesEXT HDD 001
How I Met Your Mother9208YesEXT HDD 002