TMG Music Top 5: October 2017

I’ve recently started using my old account again, to keep track of all the albums, songs, and artists I listen too. Since the website will keep track of how many plays (or scrobbles) each of those get in set amounts of time, I thought it would be fun to do an end of month top 5 for October. Let’s see what I played the most! Continue reading “TMG Music Top 5: October 2017”

The 1 Year Trophy Streak!

Today, I earned PSN trophy #5,885. That in itself isn’t all that exciting, unless you really like a good palindrome. No, something much more exciting (to myself anyways) happened. Something I never actually thought I’d be able to pull off. The streak…… Continue reading “The 1 Year Trophy Streak!”

BTTF Collector’s Guide Update: New Issues! (10/15/17)

The newest issue of the Back To The Future comic series from IDW is here! Issue #23 hit the store shelves on October 11th, and is part 2 of a 4 part story arc! This new issue, plus more international editions have been added to the collector’s guide! Let’s see what’s new! Continue reading “BTTF Collector’s Guide Update: New Issues! (10/15/17)”