The Streak Continues: 1,000 Trophies!

What started off as a completely unplanned thing, I ended up creating a trophy earning streak that started on October 30th, 2016. I didn’t intend to do this at all but once it started, I just simply couldn’t stop it. And now as of this writing, July 17th, 2017, I seem to have hit a pretty awesome milestone!


1,000 trophies! So basically what this means is that I have earned at least one trophy a day (usually more), every day since October 30th, 2016. For those doing the math, that is 261 days in a row!


That’s an average of just shy of 4 (3.83) trophies a day.

Once I had seen this streak start, I decided to keep it going for one year. A goal that I even put in my 2017 gaming goals post that you will find ‘stickied’ to the top of this blog/site. But now that I have hit 1,000 it has me thinking…… 2,000? 4,000? 5,000? I would obviously have to go past a years streak to do it, but now that I have come this far, just maybe I can actually do it!

What does everyone else think?

If you’d like to follow my trophy progress, you can check me out at TrueTrophies by clicking here!

Cheers & Game On!

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