Last Platinum Of 2016!

I certainly did not achieve all of my trophy goals for 2016, one of which was to have a whole lot more Platinum trophies on my PSN account. While I was very happy to FINALLY hit the 5,000 trophy mark (after trying off and on for 3 years), I really got behind on game completions. I was only able to 100% Platinum my 58th game. That may seem like a lot, but in comparison to others and that I have had this PSN account since 2008, I was pretty disappointed with myself. The only great part about Plat #58, was the game it came from…… Continue reading “Last Platinum Of 2016!”

First (Physical) Game Of 2017!

For those that know me personally, will attest to the fact that I once had a large and glorious video game collection. I don’t mean just digital form either, but also physical games. Well over 700+ at the collections peak. Sadly however, in an effort to basically survive the financial hell I called 2014, I sold most of the collection. Not leaving much to display, or play, it was indeed a sad year for me. However I knew one day, I would rebuild, even if it was one game at a time. So far this year, I have only added one new physical game to my collection, but it’s a pretty good one 😉 Continue reading “First (Physical) Game Of 2017!”

Welcome To The Malty Gamer!

Hello everyone, and welcome to ‘The Malty Gamer’! The new place on the interwebz to read about all things craft beer and video games! I couldn’t possibly be more passionate about these two topics, so I decided to create a place where I could write about them. All in one convenient place. Huge props also to my best buddy Adam G. for creating the title of this website…… and my new online handle 😉 Continue reading “Welcome To The Malty Gamer!”